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About Us

About Us

UNB is a boutique investment group based in London.


The firm is active in and aims to become a worldwide leader in the fields of Energy, Capital Investments, Real-Estate and Technologies. 


Founded after years of comprehensive research in understanding the market and its needs, we are committed to trading and operational excellence without forgetting our entrepreneurial acumen in finding tailor-made and flexible business solutions.    


Our goal is to become a leading international investment firm offering world-class investment solutions, committed to responsibility, excellence, public engagement and to delivering the finest quality of service possible.


UNB is committed to social and public engagement by supporting and developing its foundation (ACF, the Arts and Culture Foundation), through promoting and supporting a wide range of projects such as Education, Arts, Sports, Gender Equality and Research in order to build a brighter and more sustainable future for all. 

Senior Team

Major General Robin Searby 
Saed Sarsur
Aziza Rashidova
Managing Director
Nicholas Moore-Searson
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